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Thread: checkbox update/delete

Created on: 06/04/12 08:01 AM

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checkbox update/delete
06/04/12 8:01 AM

I try to update/delete a post with an checkbox.
this far I have come. Unfortunately, not very far

view plain print about
1<cfoutput query="recTest">
2 <table width="561" border="1">
3 <tr>
4 <td width="43"><form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="uppdate02.cfm">
5 <input type="checkbox" name="#recTest.AlbID#" id="YesNo" />
6 <label for="YesNo"></label>
7 </form> <label for="JaNej"></label></td>
8 <td width="502">#recTest.Album#</td>
9 </tr>
10 </table></cfoutput>
11<!---trying to update the checkbox is selected--->
12<p><a href="uppdat02.cfm?id=<cfoutput>#recTest.AlbID#</cfoutput>">Uppdatera</a></p>

But if I have a link / image that I want to run the update on the record that the check boxes are selected.
Check boxes are there only because I have to specify which post I want to update

but if I put checkbox value="#recTest.AlbID#"
so it should be possible to create the link (url: uppdate.cfm?ID=(value checkbox)

but how can I connect checkbox and link so they get value from each

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