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Thread: Session Variables Not Sticking From Page To Page

Created on: 06/14/12 12:10 PM

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Session Variables Not Sticking From Page To Page
06/14/12 12:10 PM

We are having issue with Session variables sticking from page to page. In the Admin area of our website you have to login, and that is where session variables are set. You can login, but as soon as you click on another link (or anything) they drop.

It's not a code issue because we have the same code on 2 other networks and it works fine. We also have the same code on our backup website on the same network and it works fine. The backup website is on a different server in a different location. So that's 3 networks the code is running fine on. The kicker is it even worked on the main website on this network up until about 9 months ago. Something must have happened with security patches, some IIS setting, or other server related issue to make it stop working. We are running 2003 Windows Server Edition SP2 and Coldfusion version 8,0,1,195765.

The browsers used are IE7 and IE8. It's not a browser issue because I can open another tab in the same browser and login and stay logged in on the website on our 3 other sites. We have already gone into browser advanced settings to make sure session variables are allowed. We've also had a couple of other admins look at it from various locations throughout the Country. They also cannot stay logged in on our main website. They can all stay logged in on the backup site.

Frustrating beyond belief. I'm betting it's a Microsoft issue and completely out of my realm as a programmer. I just want to know what it might be so I can get the server or network people to fix it. Anybody out there have a similar issue or know what it might be?

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