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Thread: flash forms fail to Load

Created on: 01/28/08 07:28 PM

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flash forms fail to Load
01/28/08 7:28 PM


I have placed the adserver under my www_root and have copy of the cfide in there as well, the application seems to load up OK but none of the flash forms load, When I peek at firebug I get and JS error message saying "lc_id is not defined". when I click the line this is the line of script were the issue is

document.write(" flashVars='historyUrl=%2FCFIDE%2Fscriptscfformhistory%2Ecfm%3F&lconid=" + lc_id +"&%5F%5Fdata%5Fcacheid=C2E522BD%2DD943%2DBE1C%2D804BE4397D8C2173&%5F%5Fclients%5Fcacheid=C2E522CC%2DF1C1%2DF900%2DF3A80F2A1D08BC2A'

Any Ideas



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RE: flash forms fail to Load
01/29/08 10:53 AM

Unfortunately no. All I can suggest is creating a super simple flash form (copy a sample from the docs) and seeing if that fails to load as well. if so, it is definitely an issue with your server.

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